Using Windows Server NPS for AAA in Unimus

Preparing for NPS — Windows Server 2019 users

sc sidtype IAS unrestricted

Preparing for NPS — Users and Groups in Active Directory

Preparing for NPS — Authentication methods

PAP (Password Authentication Protocol)

CHAP (Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol)

What to do if you wish to use CHAP

NPS Configuration

Register the NPS server in Active Directory

Add Unimus as a RADIUS client

Configure NPS Accounting

Create Network Policy for Unimus

Unimus configuration — Configuring RADIUS

Unimus configuration — Adding RADIUS accounts to Unimus


Event Viewer

NPS Accounting log

<Timestamp data_type="4">03/11/2022 11:06:45.206</Timestamp>
<Computer-Name data_type="1">WIN-P3URXOXOR1T</Computer-Name>
<Event-Source data_type="1">IAS</Event-Source>
<Class data_type="1">311 1 03/03/2022 16:57:07 31</Class>
<Authentication-Type data_type="0">2</Authentication-Type>
<Fully-Qualifed-User-Name data_type="1">UNIMUS\unimusadmin</Fully-Qualifed-User-Name>
<Client-IP-Address data_type="3"></Client-IP-Address>
<Client-Vendor data_type="0">0</Client-Vendor>
<Client-Friendly-Name data_type="1">Unimus</Client-Friendly-Name>
<Proxy-Policy-Name data_type="1">Use Windows authentication for all users</Proxy-Policy-Name>
<Provider-Type data_type="0">1</Provider-Type>
<SAM-Account-Name data_type="1">UNIMUS\unimusadmin</SAM-Account-Name>
<Packet-Type data_type="0">3</Packet-Type>
<Reason-Code data_type="0">19</Reason-Code>

Final words



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